Kategorien: ADHS bei Kindern

Combining Cognitive and Personality Measures of Impulse Control in the Assessment of Childhood ADHD

Impulse control is measured both with personality questionnaires and in cognitive laboratory tasks, yet previous results concerning the convergence of these two types of instruments are inconsistent. The current study measured impulse control of children with and without ADHD with a personality questionnaire and a go/no-go task as well as with parent ratings of ADHD symptomatology. Scores on the two measures correlate weakly with one another, yet both correlate moderately to strongly with parent ratings and both explain unique variance of parent ratings. Accordingly, the simple sum of the standardized scores from the two measures outperforms the single measures in diagnostic accuracy and association with ADHD symptomatology. Results show that a conjoint application of personality and cognitive measures of impulse control is useful for an extended assessment of ADHD. The adequacy of personality and cognitive measures for assessing distinct facets of impulse control is discussed with regard to theoretical models of impulsivity and with regard to ADHD symptomatology.

Kategorien: ADHD in children

Autor:W. A. Rauch, A. Gold & K.Schmitt
Quelle:European Journal of Psychological Assessment 2012
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Keywords (englisch):impulse control, impulsivity, ADHD, inhibition, predictive power