Die internationale Studie zur Prävalenz von ADHS bei Abhängigkeitserkrankungen: Hintergrund, Methoden und Stichprobe

Kategorien: Komorbiditäten, Sucht, ADHS bei Erwachsenen

The International ADHD in Substance Use Disorders Prevalence (IASP) study: background, methods and study population

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an increasingly recognized comorbid condition in subjects with substance use disorders (SUDs). This paper describes the methods and study population of the International ADHD in Substance Use Disorders Prevalence (IASP) study. Objectives of the IASP are to determine the prevalence of ADHD in adult treatment seeking patients with SUD in different countries and SUD populations, determine the reliability and validity of the Adult ADHD Self-report Scale V 1.1 (ASRS) as ADHD screening instrument in SUD populations, investigate the comorbidity profile of SUD patients with and without ADHD, compare risk factors and protective factors in SUD patients with and without a comorbid diagnosis of ADHD, and increase our knowledge about the relationship between ADHD and the onset and course of SUD. In this cross-sectional, multi-centre two stage study, subjects were screened for ADHD with the ASRS, diagnosed with the Conner’s Adult ADHD Diagnostic Interview for DSM-IV (CAADID), and evaluated for SUD, major depression, bipolar disorder, anti social personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. Three thousand five hundred and fifty-eight subjects from 10 countries were included. Of these 40.9% screened positive for ADHD. This is the largest international study on this population evaluating ADHD and comorbid disorders. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Kategorien: Comorbidities, Addiction, ADHD in adults

Autor:Geurt van de Glind, Katelijne Van Emmerik-van Oortmerssen, Pieter Jan Carpentier, Frances R. Levin,
Quelle:International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 2013, n/a-n/a
Keywords (deutsch):Drogenmissbrauch, Sucht, Aufmerksamkeitsstörung mit Hyperaktivität, Epidemiologie, Patienten, Ko-Morbidität, Screening
Keywords (englisch):ADHD, substance use disorders, prevalence, attention/deficit hyperactivity disorder